• Mahmoud El-Zohairy

    Mahmoud El-Zohairy

    - by 34ML

    Prior to joining EFG EV, Mahmoud worked as a Senior Economist in the Minister of Investment and International Cooperation office.…

  • Mohamed Aziz

    Mohamed Aziz

    - by 34ML

    Prior to joining the EFG EV Fintech program, Aziz was a product manager for an SME in Paris, France. After…

  • Yousef El Sammaa

    Yousef El Sammaa

    - by 34ML

    Yousef is the former co-founder and CEO of Taqalid Inc., the parent company of and Taqalid Inc. has…

  • Nayerra El Sammaa

    Nayera El Sammaa

    - by 34ML

    Prior to joining Falak, Nayera was the CFO of KarmSolar, a startup company in the solar energy sector in Egypt.…

  • Farah Zaki

    Farah Zaki

    - by 34ML

    Prior to joining Falak, Farah was a consulting analyst on the Government Advisory Team at NI Capital. During her tenure,…

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