A cloud-based subscription and billing platform that empowers subscription-based businesses with operational, analytics and billing tools to efficiently manage their subscribers, taking away the entire overhead of subscriber’s lifecycle management from the business and keeping them focused on their core product/service. We empower different kinds of subscription businesses; SaaS, Paywalls, Exclusive Content, Offline Services and Subscription Boxes. The business can easily setup all their pricing plans on our platform and links us up with their preferred payment gateway and we’ll automate all the recurring billing, transactions while supporting multiple payments methods and providers as needed. We provide the status of all subscribers, generate brandable invoices and checkout pages as well as give access to subscribers to manage their own subscription to upgarade/downgrade, pause etc.. We also provide companies and their investors many insights on the performance of the businesses by calculating all subscription-relevant metrics like MRR, ARR, ACV, LTV, CAC, Retention, Churn, etc.. Those metrics could also be leveraged when linked with financing entities to instantly assess eligibility and credit score of the business, facilitating the process of financing subscription based businesses We’re the first to provide such a service in the MENA region.