Our Investment Philosophy

We’re aiming to invest in more than 30 innovative fintech startups in the next five years.

We’re drawing on the financial and entrepreneurial expertise of our seasoned team of technology and investment experts to transform the fintech scene in Egypt. EFG Hermes possesses over three decades of knowledge of finance and investment in Egypt and the region. Meanwhile, Egypt Ventures brings to the table a strong understanding of the entrepreneurship landscape in Egypt and close ties with key government bodies supporting Egypt’s promotion of startups and financial inclusion.

To broaden our impact and nurture as many promising companies as possible, we’re offering two separate investment programs. In partnership with Falak Startups, we’ve launched the Accelerator for seed and early-stage startups, which invests up to EGP 500,000 in cash and EGP 300,000 support functions per company over five years. At the same time, our venture capital arm is investing up to EGP 2 million per company in later stage startups over five years, providing them with the additional bridge investment needed to reach series A funding. EFG EV is targeting companies with existing products, clear business models, and the potential to expand beyond the Egyptian market.

Why Egypt? Why fintech? Why now?

With a mobile penetration rate of more than 100% and a large demographic of tech-savvy young people, Egypt is increasingly turning to fintech solutions to offer better services and integrate its unbanked and underbanked populations into the formal financial system. Banks and other financial institutions are already collaborating with fintech companies to make their products and services accessible and affordable for more people.

The popularity of these solutions is also rising around the world, as over USD 100 billion has been invested globally in fintech companies in the past five years.

The Central Bank of Egypt has empowered fintech startups by pushing to make Egypt a cashless economy and launching a variety of financial inclusion initiatives. At the same time, government efforts such as creating a payment council headed by H.E. President of Egypt Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, business reforms, the devaluation of the Egyptian pound and the introduction of new investment law, are paving the way for investment and growth.

What we do

We’re investing in more than 30 startups in five years and bolstering Egypt’s fintech ecosystem in the process.

What distinguishes EFG EV from other investors in the market is our devotion to providing our startups with an array of fully integrated services that will allow them to take their operations to the next level. We provide our full-time support staff is always available to offer guidance and mentorship in a variety of areas to help startups thrive and grow.

Training & Mentorship

We have the support of more than 80 high-profile mentors, and we arrange training sessions in a variety of areas.

Office Space & Administrative Support

We offer four months of shared office space with high-speed internet and full administrative support.

Legal, Tax & Accounting Support

We assist with company incorporation and provide legal, tax and accounting advice.

Company Management

We help companies refine their business and marketing strategy, find early leads, apply growth hacking techniques, conduct research, and develop their technologies.

Process Support

We advise companies on developing HR, payroll and banking capacities.


We help companies connect with and secure additional funding sources.

Special Perks

Our local, regional and international partners offer a variety of benefits such as tech consultancy, hiring support, and customer service support.

Our Investment tracks

The Accelerator

We’re identifying top fintech startups and giving them the smart capital, guidance, and resources they need to thrive.

In partnership with top local accelerator Falak Startups, EFG EV has launched a track with the goal of incorporating and investing in several seeds and early-stage fintech startups over five years. We’re running two accelerator cycles per year and investing up to EGP 500,000 (for 8% equity) in the most promising applicants to our program who meet our validation KPIs – product fit, a successful business model, a solid team, and effective customer acquisition and revenue generation. We work closely with our startups and continue supporting them from investment to exit.

Learn about the three companies in our current cycle.

Up to 10 startups selected per year

EGP 100-500k invested in each startup

4 - 8% Equity Share

Our Process

EFG EV identifies its investments through a rigorous two-month selection process. Interested companies can apply online and we review applications before selecting an initial group to participate in a 3-day Bootcamp. The Selection and Investment Committees then choose 3 to 5 of our top-performing Bootcamp participants for investment.

Those who are selected participate in a four-month program in which we help them scale their business and strengthen company processes and management capacities. The most successful program participants will then have the opportunity to pitch to new investors at Demo Day held at the end of each cycle.

Direct Investment

We’re filling a crucial market gap by investing in post-seed and early-stage startups and giving them the bridge financing and support they need to reach series A funding EFG EV is aiming to invest in revenue generating startups every year and provide selected companies with both financial and logistical support. Those that meet our validation KPIs will be eligible to apply for up to EGP 2 million in total funding.

Our validation KPIs for direct investment startups include:

  • Potential for future series A funding
  • A history of revenue generation and a high growth rate
  • Two years of solid operations
  • A solid team covering technical and business aspects


Up to EGP 2 million per company

Our Process

Interested companies can apply by contacting us directly via email. EFG EV’s Investment and Selection Committees will vet them thoroughly and select companies with a proven track record for investment. We determine the size of the investment for each company. Those that are selected will receive assistance with scaling their business and strengthening company processes and management capacities. We also help our direct investments pursue the additional funding they need to grow.

Our Team


Board of Directors

Program Partners